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We can only tell you so much about our workshops.

Here is what the girls have to say!

" I learned that I am not alone." - Tessa N.

"There is not a definition of perfect." - Emily L.

"I learned that a lot of people get bullied or feel worthless about themselves and I just want to take that in and change how I see people."        - Audrey M.

"I learned that you're amazing the way you are and the different things that people have/are doesn't take them higher than anyone else." - Hannah M.

"You came to my school today and at first I really didn't understand why we were even there, but you helped me...You helped mend a bruised and battered bridge of three years with a close friend of mine. We both have wanted to apologize and thanks to you, today we could. " - Anonymous Middle School Student 

"I learned that we all struggle, but our teammates will always be there for us. We struggle together." - Madison F.

"The Warriors for Worth workshop builds confidence and makes me feel free." - Jessica S.

"I learned that saying something to yourself even if you don't believe it at first can inspire change in your thinking." - Natalie V.

"I learned that we all care and love each other but we need to encourage and make that known." - Lexie R.

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