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True Reflections Workshop

True Reflections Workshop

True Reflections Program

True Reflections Program

Warriors for Worth Workshop

Warriors for Worth Workshop


​True Reflections Workshop

Tenielle Shenae does not just speak at students - she leads them into who they truly are. She speaks truth into the depths of their heart. True Reflections is a workshop that focuses on building self-worth through games, activities, and group lecture. The students learn to tear down the walls that culture has placed on them and live in the freedom of who they truly are. This workshop fights against the lies of our culture to help prepare them for a confident and positive future.  The workshop covers topics such as: 

  • Expectations

  • Labels/Lies

  • Power of Influence

  • The Practice of Encouragement

  • In Her Shoes

In Her Shoes is a True Reflections activity that allows students the power to share. It helps them recognize they are not alone in their battles. We all have pain and we need to be heard. The goal of this exercise is to allow participants to recognize they are worthy, known, and loved. 




True Reflections Program

Crafts, games, friendship and fun are the basis for the True Reflections Program. Girls grades 2-5 discuss different topics that help them learn their overall self-worth. They also have an opportunity to build good friendships in this 4-8 week program. The girls go home with an excitement and a light in their eye about who they are and the friendships they create. ​​

  • Who Am I?: Who am I teaches the girls their self-worth so they can be confident in who they are. They also learn to accept and appreciate that they are made unique.

  • Influence/Encouragement: As girls, we need each other. We have the power of influence and we need to use that in a positive light. In this workshop the girls learn that we all need encouragement, as we practice how to encourage one another.

  • Friendship: This topic encourages girls to make and maintain healthy relationships. They learn how to be confident, meet new friends and intentionally build on their current relationships.

  • Social Media: Social Media is a large part of our present world. It has a lot of positives, but it can also cause a lot of comparison and hurt. This class teaches how to use social media appropriately and not base your identity on the internet.

  • Health/Exercise: In Health/Exercise the girls learn how to take care of their bodies. We teach them the importance of fitness and how to maintain a balanced diet.

  • Future: We prosper when we have something to focus on and look forward to. This section instills confidence in helping the girls focus on and look forward to. This section instills confidence in helping the girls focus on their strengths and hobbies, while learning to set goals for the future.

  • Leadership: This session teaches the girls how to develop themselves as confident leaders.

  • Labels/Lies: The world feeds us lies about ourselves. This topic teaches the girls to ignore the lies/labels and speak truth into their lives.

  • In Her Shoes: We all have insecurities and hurt. Everyone has their own stories to tell and when we do share them we experience freedom and we inspire others. We also recognize that we are all in this battle together and we have more in common than we realize. This workshop focuses on supporting each other in our individual stories.

  • Circumstances, Choices, and Worth: We are not defined by our circumstances. We are sometimes put in negative situations but it is our job to learn to recognize our worth, be strong and make the right next choice.




Warriors for Worth 

As a player and coach Tenielle Shenae recognizes the importance of the mental strength of an athlete. She mixes her background in theatre and sports to create an experience for female athletes that transforms their hearts and lives. Athletes have a power of influence in their schools and their community that Tenielle Shenae helps them recognize in this workshop. They participate in activities that develop them as individuals and encourage them to be a better teammate in and out of their sport. The workshop covers topics such as: 

  • Expectations of an Athlete

  • Power of Influence of an Athlete and Teammate

  • Leadership Skills

  • Leaving a Legacy in your Community

  • Mentor Program


Warriors for Worth is also a mentorship program that continues the conversation to help athletes live victorious over the battle for self-worth. This allows students to build leadership skills through mentoring. The younger students are given high school/college athletes to encourage them to work toward pursuing their dreams, prepare them for college, and see that they are worthy known, and loved. This program brings positive recognition to the colleges for demonstrating care in our future generations. Here is a layout of the program:


Step 1: Tenielle Shenae hosts assembly for college athletes

Step 2: Tenielle Shenae coaches college athletes on leadership and mentoring

Step 3: Tenielle Shenae hosts assembly for high school students

Step 4: College Athletes mentor high school students 

Step 5: Lives are changed and leadership is built 



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